Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to store your jewelry :)

Hi everyone!
As you may know, I like elegant gothic jewelry :) With the growth of my collection, it can be tricky to keep everything organized.
Recently I found a nice jewelry organizer in an online store. I decided to order it, as the price was quite reasonable. It is already here :)

These velvet jewelry organizers are available in purple and red colors. It was a bit difficult to choose, because I like both colors, but I chose red. I think it's a good choice, because it makes a perfect match with my jewelry. 

You can get your makeup storage case here in case you are interested (I think their product photos are a bit dark, colors are brighter in real life, but otherwise the storage case is exactly as described!). 
Price is $19.90, free shipping. Yay for free shipping :D 
Jewelry by Alchemy Gothic


It arrived carefully packed in a box 

and a protective plastic bag. 

Unboxed :) 

There is also a small key to lock the box, in case you worry that someone can steal your treasures ;)

Bottom part has 2 big parts for bracelets or whatever you want to store there, 
and a lot of space for rings or earrings. 

Top part has metal hooks, for necklaces, and pendants, and a 'bag' to put them in. 

Filling the box step by step. 

Here we go! :) I have to add more stuff, but I like how it looks so far! What do you think? 

Get your jewelry storage case here

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