Sunday, August 27, 2017

First shoot for Alchemy Gothic


While we're working on new photos for the new annual Alchemy Gothic catalogue, I thought it was nice to share a throwback to the very first shoot together!

It was the very first package I received from AG back in 2014 :)

I was excited to see their logotype, and quickly opened it. 

Here is what I found inside :) 

Items from Rose of Passion, Catafalque, and Catoptrauma collections, with Swarovski crystals.

It was the very first photo we shot.

And then we came up with this series.

Necklace closeup. P408 Catafalque.

Earwrap closeup. E276 Rose of Passion.

Necklace closeup. P560 Rose of Passion. 

Earrings closeup. E334 Catoptrauma.

And another earring closeup. E339 Black Rose Stud.

Photos by Zatsepin Alex. 
Lenses Eureka 7 by Samhain Contact Lenses. 
Makeup, styling by me. 

It was the first step in our long-term collaboration. Now we're shooting several sets every year, including ones for spring brochure and big annual catalogue. 
I think most of these items have already been discontinued since then! 
Hope you enjoyed this insight into the start of our collaboration :) 

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