Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review: Long grey mixed Purple wig from CosplayBuzz


As you know, I like combining colors, and trying new styles.
Purple is one of my fave colors when it comes to makeup and outfits, but I haven't worked with light purple or lavender shades a lot. I decided to fix it :)
I received beautiful wig from CosplayBuzz, and made this styling to match it.

It is Danganronpa Long Grey Mixed Light Purple Wig MY153 from CosplayBuzz. They have a lot of useful things for cosplayers, not only wigs, but also full outfits, and shoes!
Wig price: $25.
Length: 39" / 100cm.
It is made from synthetic fiber, and is 150°C heat resistant, that means you can style it.
Hair color: mixed grey + light purple.

Wig arrived in a small box, for safety reasons. Wig itself was carefully packaged in a thick plastic bag.
It is almost 0,5kg! Its weight is 495gr.

A big of high angle view where you can see the central part of the wig, it is well made, and looks natural.
Also, wig has a cute braid on the left side.

There are 2 colors mixed together to make a vibrant look - light purple, and grey. It makes wig look a bit different under different angles of view, and makes it more natural (even with this hair color). I think on this photo, color looks quite true to life.
*and this moment when your nail polish matches your wig*

There is a beautiful gradient from top to the bottom of the wig. And flowers, yes please :)

You can see a quality wig cap (netting) inside, that helps wig to get a good natural shape, last longer, and hide your own hair. There are 2 elastic bands with hooks on the sides, and loops, so you can adjust the wig size. Cap color matches hair color, and is unnoticeable when you wear it.
You also need to wear a hair net under wig, to hide your hair, and prevent wig from slipping.

Here is the full view :) You can see wig length here (for reference, I'm 170cm), and general look. It goes great with light makeup, and contrast dark clothes.
At first I was going to make a fairy style look, but then I realized that wig was much more versatile than I expected! I'll definitely use it for a futuristic anime style shoot later :)

Back view (looks like my dress choice was not quite right, because it decided to electrify all around! :D )

Here's a bit closer look.
Lenses Illyria by Samhain Contact Lenses
Eyes: Supernatural Palette by Lunatic Cosmetic Labs.


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