Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: affordable gothic dress under $25 from BangGood

Hi everyone!

Summer is coming, and I receive questions about where to get stylish and cool clothes. I know that there is a lot of young mommies among my subscribers, and they prefer to spend more money on their kids than on themselves :) But as everyone wants to look great, sometimes we have to search for more affordable deals.

I decided to make a small investigation, and find a dress under $25. Here is what I found.

Last year, I found Banggood website while searching for some tech stuff (yes I order a lot of gadgets :D ) First thing I ordered was a quadcopter. During this year, I placed more orders, and decided to try their selection of clothes, too.

Dress price: $24.59 + free shipping.
Shipping price can be a pain in ass, so this part is usually important from me. I also added $1.30 for tracking number. When you order $25 and up, tracking number is free, but I decided to get only dress this time.
Shipping time to Europe took 3 weeks. We also had some spring holidays here, probably it delayed shipping time a bit.
Price on the shipping label was lower (in case it is important for you).

Dress arrived packed in a plastic bag, with a piece of carton inside, to hold the collar shape.
Collar was one of the reasons I chose that dress :) This together with the silhouette made me think of a modified version of Wednesday Addams.

There is a hidden zipper on the back, and a small button.

Another important question is size.
Banggood places an individual size chart below every item. They make it more comfortable for us, because they have US size chart, not Chinese one (although label inside the dress shows Chinese size).

I usually wear size 8UK. My measurements are the following
34C / 75C bust
24" / 61cm waist
35" / 91cm hips.
I was trying to choose between XS and S, honestly I was a bit afraid to order the smallest size. But I checked the measurements again, and ordered XS. I'm glad I chose XS! It matches the measurements in size chart, and length is good.
It is even a bit loose in waist and sleeves (it is my usual problem with dresses), I may need to fix it with additional seams, or just get a matching belt.
Here is the full look! It has full lace top, lace collar with bead and rhinestones decor, a bit puffy sleeves, and lace cuffs.
I'm 5'7" / 170cm, and you can see the length of the dress on this photo.

Funny thing, when ordering the dress and checking the pics, I didn't notice the pockets! :) It was a nice surprise to see them when I received the package. I usually like pockets :)

Here is the overall look :) 

Here is my resume.
What I like about this dress: style, lace top, length, and pockets. Oh and of course price :)
What I don't like about this dress: I think the main fabric is a bit thin. I usually prefer to wear thick dresses, but it must be a matter of taste.

Dress: Banggood
My rings are from The Rogue and The Wolf. Earrings from Alchemy Gothic.

Do you  have any questions? Feel free to ask! :)

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