Monday, February 29, 2016

Lyris Design - Elisanth corset and ensemble

Glad to show you results of my collaboration with talented designer Lyris Design from Australia, and share all behind the scene pics, and the story behind the shoot. There is always a lot of things going on before and during a shoot, especially with the custom made outfits! :)

It all started from a conversation. We were sharing our ideas, and talking about things we like and dislike in an outfit. We decided to proceed with a Gothic Neo-Victorian look: an overbust corset with hip fins, and matching full outfit in purple and black. Lyris Design drew up several sketches, and the winning design was this one:

First step of creating an outfit is idea and sketch; second one is pattern drafting and constructing a mock up of the outfit, also known as a 'toile'. Once the mock up was ready, it started its long way to me. After 1-1,5 months, I received a big box from Australia :)

I received 'sketch' version of every detail of the outfit": corset, bolero, mini skirt, long skirt, gloves, and spats. Also, I got a selection of fabric samples to choose from.

It must be difficult to work on a custom outfit when you are located on the opposite side of the globe, and can only rely on measurements, but Lyris Design did an amazing job on pattern drafting! When the mock up arrived, we figured out it only needed some minor adjustments!

After minor pattern adjustments, Lyris Design started working on the final outfit (remember the white one was only a 'sketch'!). When I saw photo of the corset, I immediately fell in love with it.
You can see a lot of beautiful details like silver clasp, lace, chains, and black Swarovski crystals, everything was hand beaded! Also, a mini top hat to complete the outfit (I know you guys really liked this tophat! :) )

Here is a closer view of the bolero. It features the same silver clasp, lace, chains, and purple crystal in the center.

When the outfit was ready, Lyris Design shipped another big box to me, and we were both impatiently waiting. I was more than excited to receive it, and had to put it on immediately, and make quick selfies :)

You can also watch a short video on my IG - sorry for color balance.

I was thinking about the general styling, and makeup for this outfit. Left or right?
Photographer Zatsepin Alex found a perfect location, photostudio located in XIX century building, with original floor tile, and beautiful wallpapers.

I chose beautiful purple lenses Illyria by Samhain Contact Lenses, and green heart wig by Pavy Creations, both were custom made (as always, best products are custom made with love!)
Someone told me I was looking like Victoria, steampunk character by Brian Kesinger, so I decided to recreate a similar look.

Here are final results. Shoot setting, photo, and edit by Zatsepin Alex.

All photos from the shoot are available as signed prints in my Storenvy shop.

It was a big pleasure to work with Lyris Design. Check out their work, and follow them on social media for updates. This is definitely a right place to check if you want to order a bespoke outfit, you'll be happy with all the process, and the final result!
You can see more details, and info about the production process on designer's blog.

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