Thursday, February 12, 2015

Long dark red wig from Wig Is Fashion: review + discount code inside

I'm a big fan of wigs. With a lot of wigs in my collection, it's never enough :)
Finally, I've got long dark red wig that I wanted to get for a while.

This dark red wig is made of Japanese synthetic fiber, and it is 150C Heat Resistant - you can style it if you want to get another look. 
Wig price - $20 + shipping. 

Wig comes in protective wig net (it arrives in plastic zip-lock bag, with cardboard frame to hold the shape) 

There is paper inside, to keep the shape of the wig during shipping, and storage. 

You can see well made cap (netting) inside the wig. It is wig base, and helps to get a good natural shape, and last longer. 

You will find 2 elastic bands with hooks inside the wig, and loops - it will help you adjust the wig, just decide how tight you want it to be. 
You may want to get a fishnet wig cap to secure your natural hair, and prevent wig from slipping. It is not included in wig price, and it's extra $2.49. 

This wig has long bang. It gives you more freedom, you can trim it as you wish, or leave as is. I will keep the original trim, because I really like this sensual style :) 
Front strands are shorter, you can adjust the whole look by bringing more strands on one or both sides. You can see the difference on these photos. 

 More volume! :)

Side view.

Back view, to give you better idea about the wig length. 

I like this wig, quality is awesome, and color is exactly what I want. It can be used for many purposes. Suggestions: cosplay (I feel like a mermaid hah :) ), vintage, pinup shoots, gothic lolita styling, etc. 

You can get 5% discount for regular price items with code 'elisanth' ;) 

P.S. I'm wearing custom hand painted contact lenses by Samhain, and Bed Of Blood Roses necklace by Alchemy Gothic. 

Any questions? Feel free to ask :) 

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