Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dead Lotus Couture shoot - Natalie dress

I found Dead Lotus Couture page on Facebook 2 years ago, and fell in love immediately :)
I was going to shoot some outfits 2 years ago, but thanks to 'amazing' work of post services, shoot was delayed because my package was missent to another country. 
Finally, everything was ok, and I received my outfits :) 

I'm a big fan of color, style, and fabrics combos. I chose to shoot Natalie dress first of all - great combo of latex + lace, and black&white contrast. 

I decided to go with black, white, and red combo, and chose white wig (I cut and styled the wig, to match the style), and red sclera lenses by Samhain contact lenses. You can find them here - it is Cyclops (X-Men) design. Pay attention, lens has limited vision! 

I'm wearing Natalie dress and extra long fingerless gloves by Dead Lotus Couture. This dress is part of PETITE MORTELLE collection, combining Baroquesque and Victorian elegance with Gothic Lolita's cuteness. 

There is a lot of details on this dress - lace collar, metal buttons on front, and of course frills :)  

Back view - morrre frills! :) 

and a cute crystal skull. 

Final result. 

Photos by Zatsepin Alex
Model, MUA Elisanth
Natalie dress and gloves by Dead Lotus Couture
Contact lenses by Samhain

Copyright by Zatsepin Alex! Do not use without permission!

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