Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Flash 992 - black lip gloss

Hello everyone! :)
I'm a big fan of black lips, and glossy lips. When I found a combo - Dior black ultra lip gloss somewhere in Internet, I had to buy it with no doubt (after checking that's not a fake) :) I didn't expect to find black color in color range of quite glamorous brand :)

I was searching for a review or a photo of lip gloss in real life, but didn't find anything except one photo of ultra black lips. I expected this one to be solid black, but when I received it, I figured out it was semi-transparent. It has sparkles, not too noticeable, but adding a nice detail. I'll use it with black contour pencil, to add color, and keep shape. Combined with other lip glosses, it can be used to create colorful gradients.

This is how it looks if applied in 1 layer.

I like brush applicator, it is easy to use. 

To compare, I applied it in 2 layers. It's still not as dense as I like, but much better (I usually buy pigmented lip glosses with good coverage).

I applied 2 layers of lip gloss, without contour. It looks almost the same if applied in 1 layer + black contour.

I added Candy Apple Carousel Gloss by Lime Crime. Both lip glosses are very shiny, and work well together. Black gloss can be used in addition to any other, to create contrast and shiny contour.

This color is discontinued and hard to find. Approximate price is $25-30 depending on store.

I'm happy with this purchase, despite of wrong expectations :) With Dior quality, it is an amazing addition to my cosmetics for shoots.

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