Sunday, November 17, 2013

Paradise Makeup AQ™ Prisma BlendSet

Paradise Makeup AQ™ Prisma BlendSet in 2 color combos - Shadow and Fleur 

Price: $16.50 x set. 

I got 2 Prisma sets from Mehron. There are 8 color combos available. Colors can be applied with a sponge or brush. 

Let's open Shadow set :) 

It is basic set with white, grey, and black colors.
Almost half of the set is white color, as it is often used.

I applied colors with brush. Black color is very dense, easy to apply.
You may want to apply another layer of white or grey, to get better coverage. 

Fleur (Flower) set. Colors are bright and easy to apply. 
I just quickly tried it, to get an idea of how it looks on skin. Can't wait to use this set for a proper makeup or bodypainting :) 

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