Saturday, November 9, 2013

Joy Williams Design latex mini dress with butterflies

Joy Williams Design latex mini dress in plum color with black embossed butterflies

I bought cute latex mini dress by Joy Williams Design with black embossed butterflies and ruffles.

It has underwire cups for bust support, and adjustable straps. Dress has original assymetrical design, going higher on the left side. 

 Underwire cups are decorated with frill, and a cute bow. 

There is long hidden zipper on back that helps you put it on and off quickly. It is useful for outdoor shoots, if you need to change your dress quickly. Also, dress is quite short, so you can wear your own casual dress over this one, and take it off for an outside shoot  :)

There is decoration on straps. 

Embossed butterflies design. 

Frill closeup. 

Check out Joy Williams Design Etsy store, and Facebook page

Totally in love with this cute mini dress :) 

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