Saturday, October 19, 2013

Anatomic Bomb! black latex suspender dress

Anatomic Bomb! black latex suspender dress

I bought black latex suspender halterneck dress from Anatomic Bomb! UK.

It is one of the best quality latex I've even had.Thick high-quality latex, and figure hugging design.

Halterneck dress with underwired cups, looks really nice. 

6 reinforced suspender clips, you can easily attach latex stockings. Front cut is higher than back. 

Long hidden zipper on back. 

Nice rocket logo :) 

I love this dress. It is size XS-S with B-C cups, fits true to size.
(But I'm 5'7" / 170cm, and I find this dress a bit short in front)


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    1. James, I decided to sell it (too short for me). Here is more info about size and price
      Thank you