Friday, August 30, 2013

Hell Bunny B Movie dress + full net petticoat

Hell Bunny B Movie halterneck 50s’ rockabilly party dress, and matching Hell Bunny black 20” full net petticoat with white trim.

I just got a new package with Hell Bunny rockabilly dress, and petticoat.
This is Hel Bunny 20" full net petticoat, black with white trim. Size XS-M, with stretchy waist.
I'm 5'7" =170cm, it is below the knee lenght for me.
 Hell Bunny B Movie ladies 50s rockabilly halterneck part dress, size XS.

Size XS, fits true to size. I’m 8UK (34C 24” 34”), and it fits perfectly.
Zipped back + stretchy part.
Additional button :)

This is how it looks with a pair of Bordello shoes :)

Dress + petticoat. Although dress is fluffy itself, petticoat adds a dramatic volume.
I'm ok with wearing dress without petticoat for a casual wear, and with petticoat for a night out :)
Quality is nice, and both items fit well.


  1. Petticoats make everything snazzier in my opinion :P (But I'm into Gothic Lolita and therefore probably biased!)

    1. I like petticoats, but don't have opportunity to wear them often. I have to give them a try :)