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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pleaser XTC 843 shoes-travelers

Some time ago I decided to buy awesome Pleaser XTC 843 shoes. These high-heeled red and black platform shoes were discontinued, so I couldn't find them anywhere.
I scanned a lot of stores, trying to find if they were in stock anywhere. I found them in an Australian store, but the owner didn't want to ship them abroad. Finally, I found these shoes in Russian store, in city Chelyabinsk (it was "attacked" by meteor on 15 February 2013).

I asked my friend from Moscow to order shoes. She got package in 2 days, and brought it to me while visiting me on vacation

I guess these shoes travelled a lot, (probably they started their way in China :)) from the US  to Russia, Chelyabinsk, then Moscow city, and abroad, again :)
There are some scratches, I wonder if they are a result of Chelyabinsk meteor :)

 Welcome home!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello everybody!
This is my first post in blogspot. I'd like to write some posts about new products I use, such as sclera lenses, cosmetic products, wigs, heels, corsets, and so on. I think that my FaceBook or my website is not the best place to do this so I decided to make a blogspot acc :)

I'm a big fan of contact lenses and scleras, so here's a short review on new Underworld Eve, based on Eve characte from Underworld movie, sclera design by Samhain contact lenses.